I believe everyone will get impressed upon watching the silent drill technique the Marines in the clip below are performing. Their kind of dedication and artistry is out of this world. Those who form part of the team are handpicked and their role is to show the entire world what it means to be a Marine in the United States.
The precise drills are being performed by the well-known 24-man rifle platoon and are showing their professionalism and discipline. It’s not an easy task to join the elite platoon as a member. You have to match the height and have a more or less appearance like the rest of the members. The group is composed of only males who are between 5’11 to 6’1. Once selected, they travel all over showing their greatness within the country.
The video below shows one of their flawless performances and once you watch them do their thing, you certainly understand why there are so famous. It’s a performance every person who love America will love watching from time to time since it is so captivating.
Though some have criticized the noise that was made in the background, their skill will still move you. Did you love watching their performance?
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