Which animal kills the most people? The following numbers are often quite the surprise. You’ll be speechless when you see who won 1st place.

20. Sharks
Last place is surely a surprise. Sharks get such a bad reputation from all the horror films. But in actuality, shark attacks only kill about 10 people a year.
19. Leopards
15 people are killed by leopards a year. Mostly in India.
18. Horses
Horses cause 20 deaths a year. Most of these, however, are accidents at events like rodeos.
17. Cows
They are actually completely harmless, yet just as strong. A simple kick can cause fatal injuries.
16. Ants
Fire ants are particularly dangerous. 30 people fall victim to these a year. They succumb to horrible anaphylactic shock.
15. Spiders
Again a small surprise, since you’d think the number would be higher. Approximately 50 people die a year from spider bites.
14. Bees
Just barely above spiders are bees with an average 53 deaths per year. The main reason is allergenic shock triggered by stings.
13. Tigers
Circa 100 people die a year from tiger attacks. It is most likely, however, that the people themselves are to blame for provoking the animal.
12. Deer
Deer themselves do not cause deaths. But instead they are notorious for causing car accidents. 120 people die a year from these accidents.
11. Jellyfish
Danger in the ocean: about 150 people die yearly from jellyfishes. The smallest are often the most dangerous.
10. Elephants
Approximately 500 people die yearly from elephants. They are mostly trampled by the colossi.
9. Crocodiles
Crocodiles claim twice as many victims per year, about 1,000.
8. Tapeworms
These nasty creatures lodge themselves in your body and can remain unnoticed for almost 20 years. 2,000 people lose their lives this way per year.
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7. Scorpions
We know from Indiana Jones that the little ones are the most dangerous. About 5,000 deaths are caused by them per year.
6. Assassin bugs
Until now, I hadn’t even heard of these guys. Assassin bugs are not inherently dangerous. However, they carry dangerous diseases causing the death of 10,000 per year.
5. Tik-tik flies
These flies claim just as many victims at 10,000 per year. They are carriers of the sleeping sickness which can develop months or years after a bite.
Wikipedia - Tam Nguyen
4. Dogs
Another surprise: 25,000 people die from dogs a year! But, only 186 of those are from violent house dogs. The rest comes from stray dogs that are infected from rabies.
3. Snakes
The number here is 100% unequivocal. It fluctuates between 50,000 and 100,000 a year who mostly die from their poisonous bites.
2. Mosquitoes
These pests claim 725,000 victims a year by spreading diseases through their bites. 600,000 of these are owed to malaria alone.
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1. Humans
The deadliest creature of all is humans. This is not completely reflected in the numbers, which are difficult to calculate (but are at about 500,000 a year). While animals kill out of accident or survival instinct, humans are the only that kill with intent. And do so in a myriad of ways daily.
Wars are constantly raging while greed destroys homes and lives. Civilization demands its victims through accidents and other impacts. This, not so glorious, first place should make everyone reconsider their priorities!
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