That was totally creepy!
There are people who do not believe in the existence of ghosts because of the lack of physical evidence like pictures and videos. But some people believe that there are creatures in this world aside from us, creatures and entities that are not meant to be seen. But what do you really believe in? Have you seen or felt one for yourself?
Throughout the years, many experts have sought the truth behind these entities, but had little to no evidence. But with this new video, some people would change their minds about not believing in ghosts.
What seemed like an ordinary fun day at a theme park takes a creepy turn, as a ‘ghost’ sat next to them in one of the rides, looking as if she was enjoying the ride as well. But when the camera spans towards her direction again, the woman was no longer there! The ride was still moving, and it was impossible for her to get off.
Facebook user Xavier Hunter’s post read:
Ghost in Theme park
Story claims that it happened in 2008, a young woman died decapitated and with facial burns due to a malfunction of the ride. The people who recorded this video claimed that there were only 3 of them on the ride, we can clearly see that there is a 4th woman ridding with them that then disappears a few seconds later!


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