They named the baby, Jade.
In a society where teens are already sexually active and where couples refuse to have family planning before engaging in sexual activities, it is inevitable to have a high rate of unwanted pregnancies. An unintended pregnancy is a pregnancy that is mistimed, unplanned, or unwanted at the time of conception. It is a core concept to better understand the fertility of populations and the unmet need for contraception (birth control) and family planning before engaging in sexual relationships.

Because of this lingering problem in our society today, many children are left on the streets to work for themselves—and sadly, many babies are thrown away or killed for the mere reason that their parents cannot raise them.
Facebook user Bam Siao Lim was shocked to discover a newborn baby (with her umbilical cord still attached) in her trash when garbage collectors came to take her garbage on August 25. She immediately took the baby. The baby was cold and so she asked her helper to get a new blanket for the baby. Afraid that the baby might not survive, Bam rushed the baby to a hospital in Valenzuela.
Police and people from DSWD came. The baby was then named Jade, and was baptized as soon as her condition was stabilized. Unfortunately, Jade is still clinging on to dear life, as doctors suspect she is suffering from cranial haemorrhage.
Bam was brokenhearted to see a baby being thrown away by other people, as she had trouble having a child of her own. In her 7 pregnancies, only two of her children survived.
Her Facebook post read: “To the mother of this baby… It broke my heart to see your baby in such condition. We, (Bryan and I) as a couple had a hard time conceiving. I had 7 pregnancies. 5 of them I miscarry (1 twin) only 2 make it to full term (not really fullterm, 36w5d) Bea and Ben.”
Baby jade was also baptized by a priest Bam brought in the hospital.


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