On July 20, this woman surnamed Zhang was reportedly admitted to the Haida Hospital in the Shandong province for a cerebral infarction, a type of ischemic stroke that occurs when the blood vessels that supply the brain are disturbed and blood flow to the brain becomes blocked. Apart from the said stroke, she also had an eye irritation two days later which alarmed her.

At first, she thought her eye irritation to be a complication of her stroke—but when the irritation grew and made her uncomfortable, she had it checked. When doctors took a look at her eyes, they notice something moving in her eyelids—lice!
“These lice were all white in color,” Dr. Bao Guisheng said. “I thought they were some sort of a parasitic bug, like mites or something, but when we looked through a microscope, we saw that they were lice.”
Check out close-up video of lice in an eye below.


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