These twins have kept the world in suspense for weeks: Kyrie and Brielle Jackson. Their story is quite miraculous.
The tiny twins came onto this world a staggering 12 weeks premature. Weighing barely 2 lbs. each, they were dangerously underdeveloped and their survival prospects were dismal.
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The two tiny, fragile sisters were separated into different incubators. Brielle’s condition stabilized itself slowly and she gradually began to put on weight. The doctor’s prognosis for Kyrie was less optimistic, however, and they feared she would not survive.
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After a few weeks, something completely unexpected happened: the stronger Brielle suffered a life-threatening screaming fit, lasting until she could barely breathe and her body began to turn blue. The attending nurses tried everything in their power to help her, but to no avail. No one knew why the little one cried so heart-wrenchingly.
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In her desperation, nurse Gayle Kasparian had a daring idea: she simply put the incessantly crying Brielle next to her fragile sister. This was against hospital policies, but Gayle risked it along with risking her job. And then something unbelievable happened: the still crimson-colored and convulsing Brielle calmed down immediately and instinctively laid her arm around her still struggling sister.
And then something quite miraculous happened: after some time, the little Kyrie’s condition began to stabilize. She gained weight daily and even caught up to her bigger sister.
In the meantime, Kyrie and Brielle Jackson have grown into young women of 20 and are about to graduate from college. Naturally, they still spend tons of time together and do things that normal twins do.
Sometimes human warmth is the most effective medicine. It’s amazing when two people are so deeply bonded like twin sisters. Share this wonderful story of Kyrie and Brielle!



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