Sometimes, true friends are the ones you make when times are toughest.
These two adorable little puppies were lost on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Tired, hungry, and so tiny they could barely fend for themselves, they were found clinging to each other for strength.
The heart-melting pair spent weeks wandering the streets with no one to lean on but each other. This experience left them with an unbreakable bond – they’re scared and nervous when apart, and in the days after they were found they couldn’t stand to be separated.
After weeks wandering the streets, these two little pups finally found a family to take them in – a Buddhist monastery in the city couldn’t stand to see these pups out there fending for themselves. The monks there have quickly adopted the strays as their own, and they can grow up together in a serene, loving environment.
These little guys are just too adorable for words. The larger dog is tiny himself, but he fiercely protects his little friend at all times.
Just inches tall, the smaller pup loves standing up to impress his new owners.
Finally, after a difficult time fighting for survival on the streets, these two little puppies can finally take a load off and relax for a little while.
Seen below with one of his new owners, the larger pup looks right at home in his new surroundings.

When times are hard, it’s our friends that we lean on to help get us through the day. Do you know anyone who’d appreciate this story of two adorable best friends?
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