A man from Leshan City in Sichuan Province felt pain in his stomach back in 2004. Thinking it was just an ordinary stomach ache, he decided to brush it off.
Going to the hospital can be quite expensive, and so he decided to rely on herbal and natural medicines to cure whatever pain he was experiencing. It was only until 2 years after the pain started that he decided to have a check-up. Apparently, he had a tumor inside his stomach that needed to be removed.
He still continued to cure himself by using traditional medicines but they were of no help. 10 years later, he carries a tumor the size of a beach ball, making him look as if he was pregnant—and it weighed a whopping 15kg!

‘Pregnant Man’ finally gets rid of his 15kg swelling belly_2
Photo from yourhealth.asiaone.com
‘Pregnant Man’ finally gets rid of his 15kg swelling belly_3
Photo from yourhealth.asiaone.com

Doctors urged him to have the tumor removed, or it might cause further complications to his body. But because of the risks the surgery might bring, doctors across China refused to take him in. The Military General Hospital in Chengdu, Sichuan province was the only hospital willing to save him.
The surgery took 6 hours with the help of a team of experts from three medical departments from the said hospital. Luckily for him, he survived the surgery and may now live normally.


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