That’s one hell of a find!
Pokémon Go has taken over the world. Hundreds of children and adults roam the streets not to exercise, but to look for (and capture) Pokémon. Dozens of accidents have been linked to the said app, as players cross streets with their eyes glued to their smartphones. While the dangers of playing the said game is something parents are scared of, this 13-year-old’s Pokémon quest brought him to a place where a ‘real’ reward was waiting for him.
While hunting for these virtual monsters, 13-year-old Marcus Giles found a bag containing $100,000! He brought the find to his parents who were no more than surprised. His dad, Garrett Giles said:

“My son enjoys playing Pokemon Go. Day in and day out he is on his tablet playing the game. He found a few Pokemon in strange places inside the apartment building but I would have never thought he would find a large amount of money on the game.”
His mom agreed with this and said “I know we are going through some rough times but I’m pretty sure someone else is too after losing so much money. I hope that the rightful owners of this money will claim it and make their lives better.”
Marcus might feel sad about letting go of the money, but his parents are right. They surrendered the money to the police, in hopes that the rightful owner claims it.


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