Most animal lovers love all things “cute.” From dogs and cats to tiny bunnies and hamsters, we all have our favorite critters that we just can’t get enough of. That’s what makes it so easy to forget that there are certain animals that you never want to look at.
These animals don’t necessarily pose a threat to humans, but they certainly look like they were forged by the devil himself!

1. The aye-aye is a kind of lemur native to Madagascar, but it looks more like a mutated rodent.

Get him away from me!
2. The blob fish is fittingly named, because it resembles something closer to a melting, frowning human face than a fish.

It’s found deep in the waters off the coasts of Australia and Tasmania.

3. The star-nosed mole looks more like a mad scientist grafted a tiny starfish onto a mole than a naturally occurring phenomenon.

It doesn’t help that he looks like he has eyes in his weird tendril-like nose thing.

4. The naked mole rat is the world’s longest-living rodent. Maybe it could use that time to learn how to be less ugly.

5. The Pyura Chilensis proves that you can, in fact, get blood from a stone. Or at least it looks like it!

In Chile, these “sea tomatoes” are considered a delicacy.

6. If you think the giant isopod looks scary, just wait until you see what it looks like from the bottom.


7. I’m assuming that the long-horned orb weaver has such long horns because it was created by Satan himself.

8. The Japanese spider crab is known for being gentle, but that doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere near it.

Although these guys seem to be buddies.

9. Some advice for the red-lipped batfish: I love the makeup, but everyone loves a smile!

10. Despite being called a panda ant, this is actually part of a species of wasps known for terribly painful stings, earning nicknames like cow killer or cow ants.

11. The Pacu Fish may be the scariest creature on this list for two reasons: one, a fish should not look like it has human teeth.

And two, the people of Papua New Guinea call it a “ball cutter” for exactly the reason you think.

12. The glaucus atlanticus floats to the surface with a gas-filled sac in its stomach.

It does not look like it belongs on this planet.

13. Goblin sharks are not considered a threat to humans, but look at that face: does that scream “not a threat” to you?

14. The mantis shrimp looks like some sort of psychedelic nightmare.

They’re also known as “sea locusts,“ “prawn killers,” and, most horrifyingly, “thumb splitters.”

15. The frilled neck lizard only exposes its frills when it is threatened…

…To terrify potential threats!

15. Scientists aren’t sure why the umbunia spinosa looks the way it does, but it’s certainly terrifying!

16. Sea pigs obtain food by extracting organic particles from deep-sea mud.

So they pretty much literally eat dirt.


17. Indian purple frogs roam the surface of the earth for two weeks a year so that they could mate. At least they find each other attractive, I guess.

18. To be quite honest, I actually find shoebills to be pretty adorably funny looking, since it looks like they’re smiling.

But now that I think about it, the idea of a huge bird that could smile is kind of creepy.

19. The marrus orthocanna is actually made up of several organisms working together, like a multi-stage rocket.

I don’t know if it’s better or worse that it’s microscopic.

20. Think the bush viper is scary? What if I told you that they have camouflaging abilities?

21. The thorny dragon is also, appropriately, known as the “mountain devil.”

It also has a frightening “false head” that it presents to predators so that it could strike back with the real one.

22. Not much is known about the Venezuelan poodle moth, except that it will be haunting my dreams.

23. Unlike regular yetis, there is no doubt that yeti crabs, unfortunately, exist.

24. The maned wolf may not look so bad, until you realize that due to its odor, it’s also known as a “skunk wolf.”

25. The lowland streaked tenrec is covered in spikes and shares the same color scheme as a bee. Bees that, you know, sting.

And what the heck is going on with its mouth?!

26. The narwhal, also known as a sea unicorn, is kind of adorable…

…when you get past the fact that it could impale you.

27. The Saiga Antelope isn’t isn’t exactly nightmarish, but it isn’t exactly gorgeous.

What’s going on with its nose?

28. Scientists originally thought that the fossa is a kind of primitive cat.

But it’s actually one of the biggest members of the mongoose family.

29. The dugong looks like a giant manatee with a deformed mouth.

I still love animals, but there are some that I definitely like more than others. I can’t pretend that I’m not going to have a nightmare about the pacu fish tonight…and possibly every night for the rest of my life.
Share these nasty nightmarish animals with your friends below, and give them a scare!


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