Want a new twist on ice cream? Try this. Sprinkle Jello over your ice cream and you will have amazing looking rainbow swirls to transform normal vanilla into something spectacular. This is something every ice cream lover will enjoy and it’s simple to make. All you need is a 2 quart cardboard box of ice cream, and then you separate the ice cream, dividing the box into six portions. The layers of ice cream and Jello will blend perfectly this way.

Next you spread each layer back into the container. A different flavor of Jello is used to sprinkle on top. The Jello is still dull colored at this point, but once placed back in the freezer you begin to achieve the rainbow effect.

Now you take the ice cream again out of the tub, scoop it all into layers again. The colors really pop at this point. Perfect summertime dessert! Check out the video to see the full demonstration on how to make this delicious treat!



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