Pregnancy can allow a family to share some amazing moments. In the video recorded by the husband, shows a doctor at the Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton, England, performing an external cephalic version (EVC), turning a breech fetus so that it would face head-down. The amazing part? The doctor did this in just 2 minutes.

For those of us who are unfamiliar with pregnancies, sometimes they come with unforeseen complications. The complications are why pregnant mothers should frequently visit their doctors.

Babies approaching birth typically will move into delivery position which makes their heads facing the birth canal. In rare cases where this fails to happen, such as the babies feet or buttocks facing the birth canal, it is referred to as a “breech presentation.” This complication occurs in roughly 1 in 25 full-term births and can lead to serious problems if left untreated.
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Consequently, if a baby is in a breech presentation a doctors will suggest a cesarean (C-section). Although a C-section comes with another list of complications, the ideal scenario is having a doctor rotate the baby while it is still in the mothers uterus. Although this procedure is the ideal scenario, it is very difficult to do and is why video is amazing.
Prior to starting, the doctor warns the mother that the procedure would be uncomfortable and that if the pain is too much, she should tell him. The doctor then looks at the baby’s position through the ultrasound to determine what he needs to do. Next, he rubs a jelly lubricant and then begins physically turning the baby in the uterus.
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In the image below, you can literally see the baby in a sideways position as the doctor is carefully turning the baby. Throughout the procedure, we can hear the husband constantly encouraging his wife with words, telling her that “She’s almost there.” What a wonderful moment the family is sharing.
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As the doctor continues to rotate the baby, the baby is eventually turned 180 degrees, and facing the correct direction. You can see the joy in the mothers face as she knows the procedure is going.
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After a short while, the doctor is finished turning the baby and uses the ultrasonic to check. After the doctor confirms that the baby is the the correct position, the family is filled with happiness. Upon completing the procedure, you can hear the father in the background praising the doctor saying the procedure was simply “amazing.” What is truly amazing about this is that the doctor did this in just 2 minutes! If you want to see the full video, you can view it below.

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