When they were left only with their mom, these two brothers had only themselves to figure things out, so they always looked out for each other the best they could. Bailey, being just 22 months older than Meyers, decide to step in and play father figure to his brother. He wanted the best for his little brother, and that’s actually one of the reasons he finally decided to join the military while Meyers continued with his education and went to the University.
Now, Bailey hadn’t been around for 2 good years, and that really broke him because he missed his little brother. Meyers, too, missed his brother so much, but things were to change very soon!
One day, Meyers is playing basketball in the court. The guy is so engrossed in his business that he doesn’t even realize his brother is here, donning his full military uniform. And then it happens!
Bailey calls out, and Meyers turns to see his brother right there before his very eyes. What happens next is such an emotional moment. You really need to see this. SHAREtoo!



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