While China has always been known for weird products, this particular item has definitely crossed the line in the minds of many. These are about as inhumane as they get. Keychains featuring live animals like turtles, fish, salamanders, and frogs.
These animals are trapped inside small bubble filled water packs with decorations like beads. They basically can only wiggle around inside. Apparently the water contains crystallized oxygen and other nutrients. This will help keep the animals alive for a few days.

Now, the vendor tells people to free the animals after the air runs out, though it’s unclear how one is to know when that is, and naturally, that probably doesn’t always happen. If it does, they will either be dumped in environments where they will die or else end up as pets whose owners don’t know how to take care of them.

Animal activists naturally have strongly condemned the keychains calling them “unnaturally cruel.” Trapping a small animal inside a small bubble with little water and glitter all over the place? Many agree with the activists labeling them as cruel.

“Like if You’re Against Living Keychains” is even a Facebook page where petitions have been going around in an attempt to stop this cruelty. So please pass the word on and voice your opinions to get this trend done away with.
Anything for money, it seems. Preying on unintelligent humans who think it’s alright to purchase these things without realizing the sick nature of it all seems to be fair game.
Share these bizarre and cruel keychains with friends and family to spread awareness that this is actually going on.


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