Some of the knives even reached lengths of seven inches!
We all have our own little addictions. Some people crave for pizza, chocolates, cakes, or chips. But this 42-year-old man from the Indian state of Punjab, has a different kind of addiction. He craves for knives, claiming they ‘taste good’.
In the course of two months, the unnamed Indian man has apparently swallowed 40 knives all-in-all—some even reaching lengths of 7 inches!

Dr Jitinder Malhotra, managing director of the hospital, described it as the most shocking case he had seen in his 20-year career.
“When we began the diagnosis, we found the cause of the pain puzzling. We did an ultrasound, which revealed some solid mass in his stomach, shaped like cancer,” he said.
“The patient then told us he had an uncontrollable urge to eat knives. What is astonishing is that he had been eating knives [(for) the past two months.
“This was very unnerving, I have not witnessed something like this in my career as a doctor.”
After five hours of surgery, the patient was successfully treated and is set to be discharged in the next few days. Hopefully he doesn’t eat any knives again.


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