It’s really hard to clearly understand why people chose to cling onto abusive relationships. According to the available data, 1 in 4 women goes through an abusive domestic relationship. But what if you had a chance to save someone from an abusive partner? Would you do it?
What Would You Do? That’s the name of a social experiment carried out to gauge the people’s reactions to a scene of abuse. Here’s a woman nursing a black eye, evidently inflicted on her by her ruthless husband. To make it worse, the hubby is scolding her and almost charging at her in public. They’re in a restaurant, but many people chose to just look on instead of doing something to stop the guy. Really?!
After bearing the torment for some time, a group of men finally walks up to her and manages to throw the guy out of the restaurant. However, no one really thinks of a better way of saving this lady from that devil of a husband, except one man. He picks up the phone and dials 911. Smart!
He has reason why, he says. His grandfather killed his grandmother, and since then, he swore to never watch a woman suffer. Watch the full video and SHARE on Facebook. What would you do?



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