Recently, terrible storms and flash flooding hit Louisiana extremely hard. The weather has displaced thousands of people, caused millions of dollars in property damage, and put many pets and wild animals in life-threatening situations.
Thankfully, there are people like volunteer rescuers Mike Anderson and Darrell Watson. The pair were combing flooded communities searching for those in need, when they came across two individuals that desperately needed a miracle…
In the wake of the recent storms and flooding in Louisiana, Baton Rouge’s Mike Anderson volunteered as a rescuer.
Facebook / Mike Anderson

He and his friend Darrell Watson have combed flooded communities searching for people who are stranded or otherwise in need of help.
Facebook / Darrell Watson

The two have also saved many pets who were stranded in precarious situations, but two animals in particular stand out.
Facebook / Josh Pettit

Mike and Darrell found a pit bull who had been treading water trying to stay alive for around 16 hours, and they knew they had to help.
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To their surprise, just a few houses down they found another pit bull in the exact same situation, and again they were able to come to the rescue:
Incredible! There are still many people and animals stranded by the flooding in Louisiana, and, luckily, Mike and Darrell have no plans to stop their good work until everyone is safe and sound.

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