Taking a refreshing shower after a hard day’s work is probably something everybody is looking forward to as they get home. The sweat and dirt your body has accumulated throughout the day can be irritating, and cleaning it off can be the best feeling ever. But do you have BAD habits when showering? These habits should stop ASAP—as it may be a danger to your health.
Skipping Your Feet

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When showering, all of the dirt and soap flow down to our feet. Many think that simply rinsing our feet with water is enough, but it actually isn’t. Washing our feet thoroughly (especially between the toes) is essential to avoid bacteria build-up. And oh, make sure to wipe your feet dry after taking a bath!
Skimping on Moisture

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Believe it or not, taking a long, hot shower is one of the most damaging things you can do to your skin. If you’re only going to moisturize once a day, this is when you should do it. Shorten your shower and use lukewarm—not hot—water. Pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it with a towel, and apply moisturizer immediately while your skin is still damp.
Logging Too Much Time in the Shower

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The less you shower, the longer your hair color will stay intact, and showering too much can actually damage your skin. The top layer of your skin is comprised of hard, dead cells (umm, gross) which protect the underlying layers of healthy skin. The top layer is held together by lipids, aka fatty compounds, that help maintain moisture, so any time you shower and scrub, you are breaking this layer apart.
Taking Super-Hot Showers

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Aside from scrubbing too much, or using too much soap, the hotter the temperature of your water can also affect your skin’s dryness. The hotter your shower, the dryer your skin will become as a result. If there’s a lot of steam, it’s probably too hot for your skin. Turn down the temp a little.
Leaving Your Loofah in the Shower

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Even if you wash your towels or loofah after showering, bacteria continue to accumulate especially when it is left wet or damp. It is always better to wash it thoroughly, wring it well, and hang it in a dry place.
Scrubbing Too Hard

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It is a must to scrub at least once a week to clean off excess dirt and dead skin. But scrubbing too hard can actually destroy your skin barrier and cause eczema and dry skin. Scrubbing once or twice a week is more than enough.
Washing Your Hair Everyday

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Like our skin, our hair need care too. Too much shampooing can leave our hair dry and damaged. Showering too long can also damage our natural hair color. Shampooing every other day would be enough.
Using Dirty Old Razor

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After shaving, most people leave their razors in the bathroom for next use. Though this may be practical, using the same razor for multiple times can be damaging to the skin. Rinsing your razor before and after showering is essential, to wash off any residue from our skin. Razors cause fine micro-tears in skin, especially when they’re dull. Couple that with bacteria that sticks to old, unwashed razors and you’re an infection waiting to happen.
Not Utilizing Cold Water

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Do you skip a cold rinse after taking a warm shower? You might want to rethink that According to SELF, a 30-second blast of cold water at the end of your shower can improve your immune system, increase fat burning and make you happier, among other things.
Skipping a Shower after Workout

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Our bodies are probably most dirty after a hard workout. Sweat is excreted from our skin, and NOT showering after can be a very unhealthy habit. Ignoring the fact that you’re probably a smelly mess, skipping a post-workout shower also lets bacteria grow, leading to fungus or acne problems.
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