A dog was covered with ticks and fleas all over its body. He was also very dirty, and with a fresh wound on his neck. Gregor was on the brink of death.
The people who were supposed to save her decided otherwise, so they put her on a list to be euthanized. The poor dog had just an hour to live before he found himself on the table of death, but things weren’t that pale for this lovely animal.
The guys from Vet Ranch are a really nice lot, and Doctor Matt is perhaps the fairest human a dog can ever hope to meet. This man saved the dog from certain death. In this video, you get to watch as he befriends the animal at the shelter, and then you get to see Gregor’s transformation after Vet Ranch took care of him. You’ll be touched, and that’s guaranteed.
This video left me with some really deep feelings, and you might feel it too. Watch and SHARE to spread a good word about these kind guys.

Warning: due to the nature of his wounds, parts of the video are quite graphic.



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