Some pain may seem a bit too much to overcome. Take for instance this man who loses his wife and is faced with the task of raising the baby alone. That’s when a person is called upon to rise above such heartbreak and uplift those who depend on him or her. That is the situation which Roger Leggett was faced with and the way he dealt with it has been an inspiration to his family and friend – even total strangers too.
It started with his granddaughter being diagnosed with a brain tumor and then a few weeks after that, Chad, his only son passed away of a heart stroke. It was so painful. So as to heal his heart, he decided to come up with a project. He was building red wagons meant for children within one Healthcare of Atlanta.
When he started doing this, Felicity was undergoing some brain surgery and his son was still living.  To date, he has come up with over 100 red wagons which carry the IV poles. He has even made one for his Felicity (his granddaughter.)
Watch this clip to see all this man did.
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