Someone had dropped a piece of paper and a person walking into a grocery store, stopped to pick it up. Turned out it was just a receipt.

It looked to be a receipt from a food stamp recipient. Not a big deal, and probably not important for the individual who dropped it. Nevertheless, there was a number that suddenly caught the person’s eye.
It was from the Save-A-Lot grocery store in Liberty, Kentucky, where someone used their EBT card. And the person who picked it up became so shocked after observing it, that they took a photo and proceeded to post it online. Now it has gone viral.

So what’s the big deal? Well, the person spent around 40 bucks in groceries. That was not the number that the person who found the receipt was shocked by. It was the number which indicated their remaining balance that the welfare recipient had:
So, this individual could spend over 5 grand in that store, much more than most working people have in their savings account, and none of that money would actually be money that they had earned. It was taxpayer money. Your money.
Turns out this isn’t isolated. There have been cases of up to 20 grand in EBT balances and many other abuses on the system taking place.
Welfare abuse can become a heated topic and it’s things like this as well as alcohol, cigarettes, strip club spending abuses on taxpayer money that add major fuel to the fire.
Really, it’s the basic things that get people riled up. Like when you are in line with a can of tuna and a bag of rice because you need to save some money for the week and eat cheap, yet the dude behind you is dining on free taxpayer lobster and steak.
Of course there are a hell of a lot of people who receive food stamps who genuinely need them to sustain themselves with. And that’s how a society should be, giving assistance where needed, when needed. It’s the 5 grand balance abusers that get people pissed off about the system and end up ruining it for those who are rightfully on it.



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