There’s this cool guy called Ryan Hunley, and we know and love him for his videos. This good man has some really cute kids that he often makes some videos of and lets us watch, and you can already decide that they’re great clips.
This time around, Ryan has returned with something cooler than we expected, and you’ll love just how lovely this guy interacts with his family.
Here’s Ryan and his cute little daughter, August, and they’re in the family car. Now, Ryan is a really nice dad, so he wants to make sure his kids are buckled up properly in the car seat, but August seems to have other ideas. This little one doesn’t take kindly the fact that her dad should offer help in buckling up, so she feels compelled to protest against this act of “aggression.” You just can’t get through this without cracking big smiles and even sounding it out loud. So hilarious.
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