Warning: graphic content
A father named Deepak has seen bruises and cuts on his 1-year-old son’s body, and was long suspecting his wife for assaulting their child. He often told his wife’s family about her, but they didn’t believe him and even threatened to sue him instead. Deepak told ANI: “I suspected that my wife beats our son, hence got a CCTV camera installed (in the house).”

And so, to confirm things, he installed a CCTV camera inside his home—only to discover the horrifying truth. In the video, the mother and child are sitting on the bed, when she suddenly puts an arm around his neck and lifts him up. She then roughly sets him face-down on the bed, forcefully slapping his backside several times with both her hands.
The distraught father wants to file a case against the woman, and all he wants is to get his son back.


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