As her friend was dying, she just sat there, doing nothing to save or help her friend.
A Former Sydney design student was murdered by her own friend by lacing her iced coffee drink with cyanide. The gruesome murder was caught on video in a restaurant in Indonesia.

Left: Wongso; Right: Salihin

In the video, victim Mirna Salihin can be seen unsuspectingly drinking from the laced drink her friend Jessica Wongso has given her. A few minutes after her lips touched the concoction, she can be seen waving her hands towards her mouth, implicating that she was in pain. Her head fell to the back of the sofa and she began foaming at the mouth and had a ‘blank look’ on her face.

Wongso laced Salihin’s (pictured) drink with cyanide, which killed her in seconds.

Their companion, Hani, called her name and tried to wake her up but Wongso, prosecutors alleged, just sat there quietly without reacting or helping.

Salihin’s husband Arief Soemarko, told ABC’s 7.30: ‘She’s obviously in pain. Several times she wave[s] her hand at her mouth. ‘I heard that the poison itself it, it’s corrosive and it destroys everything that’s in the way. I heard also that her stomach was destroyed because of the poison.
‘I’m really devastated on how she felt that day.’
According to reports, Wongso and Salihin have lived together while studying at Billy Blue Design College in Sydney. And in June of this year, Wongso murdered Salihin for ‘revenge’. An Indonesian court heard that in 2015, Salihin had allegedly told Wongso to end her relationship with her then-boyfriend because he was a drug dealer and ‘rough’.

Mirna Salihin

Documents have revealed Wongso—an Australian resident—was suffering from serious mental health problems. The file includes details of Wongso’s behaviour in the 12 months before the alleged murder, including suicide attempts, threatening colleagues, an alcohol-fuelled road accident, suspicions of vandalism of her ex-boyfriend’s car, and an apprehended violence order he took out against her.


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