Brave Woman Captures Father Beating His Child with a Large Piece of Wood on Camera

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As parents, we should know that violence is never a way to discipline. 
Many parents at some time find themselves feeling frustrated and angry with their children. But talking calmly to them is a lot better, than lashing out at them in anger.  But, despite being angry sometimes, parents should never resort to physical violence.
As parents, we should know that violence is never a way to discipline. Physically and verbally hurting our children as a form of discipline can scar them for life, affecting


Facebook user Janer Andal Ma Alyziel posted this video to Facebook, gaining thousands of shares and views. In the video, a father can be seen ‘disciplining’ his son by spanking him using a large piece of wood. Janer thought the ‘disciplining’ was way overboard, seeing the child was in great pain.
The man was identified as Aladin Callos. Janer threatened to give the video to the authorities and so Callos told her to mind her own business and leave them alone. Knowing she might be the man’s next target, she continued to record the incident using her phone.