Thousands of children like Omran are killed every day in Syria.
Life in Syria is no news to us, but what most people do not realize is the scale of the nation’s war-ridden streets. After years of war, the country is left devastated, with hundreds of thousands of people struggling to survive.
Skeletal children and old men are seen in different towns, eating soup from leaves and grass. They are starting to eat insects and all sorts of plants just to survive. You’d think this is a scene from a death camp but it isn’t—it is Syria. But what exactly is life inside this ISIS-ridden country?
5-year-old Omran Daqneesh together with his brother, sister, and parents, were rescued from Aleppo after a bombing in their area. As he was brought to the ambulance, bloodied and covered in dust, Omran sits calmly. He does not cry nor speak. He simply sat there, completely stunned and shocked by what happened. He wipes his face and realizes there is blood—but he is too shocked to even care.
His ‘hauntingly stoned-face’ has caught worldwide attention, with many viewers in tears. One news anchor couldn’t contain her emotions while reporting on the incident.



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