Big Bro Finds Out Guy Tried Raping His Sis, Sends Him On NASTY Little Trip(Photo Source: YouTube)

There are few things more important in this world than family, and a man recently proved just that. After hearing that someone in the neighborhood tried to rape his little sister, he tracked down the scumbag to have more than a little chat and sent him on quite the nasty little trip.
Although it’s unclear where the incident took place, those in the immediate area knew what was about to happen as they all had their cell phones out and at the ready. It wasn’t long until the two started swinging.

As can be heard later in the clip, one of the men makes a remark about the other trying to “rape his sister.” Come to find out, that’s what the entire ordeal was over, and this big brother was ready to take out the trash. Unfortunately for the attempted rapist, he was a little unprepared for the altercation as he apparently only likes to target women, who are smaller and weaker.
Of course, this wasn’t your helpless victim he squared up against, and before long he found himself being dropped to the ground by a massive body slam. Too bad for him, his victim’s brother wasn’t done there as he dished out a few vicious blows that knocked him unconscious.
Although that was enough to get his point across, he decided to make sure this idiot didn’t put his hands on women ever again by knocking the snot out of him. Making the man just as ugly on the outside as he is on the inside, reports indicate that the big brother gifted the moron with a nasty trip by putting him in the ICU.
Never put your hands on a woman unless she wants you to – it’s really as simple as that. After all, if you do and it wasn’t wanted, you could find yourself on the receiving end of some pain and suffering that far exceeds the pleasure you got for those few short minutes. In the end, there isn’t anyone who would say you didn’t deserve it, just like this guy.



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