When an animal gets rescued, removing it from an abusive situation is only the first step toward saving its life. It also faces a long road of physical recovery, followed by a period of learning to trust and open up to humans again.
But the hardest journey of all for a rescue animal is finding its forever home, a place where it will finally be loved and cared for.

When this three-month-old pit bull puppy was removed from a home with terrible living conditions, he had a severe case of mange and was in horrible physical shape. Joey Wagner, who created a nonprofit animal rescue organization in Nova Scotia, quickly stepped in and got the pup to an animal hospital.

The puppy, named Mojo, began a slow but steady recovery. Adoption requests came pouring in, but the center could not consider regular adoptions because of the severity of his condition.

But on the day he was finally well enough to leave the vet, Joey returned with a welcome surprise: he decided to adopt the dog himself! And just wait until you see Mojo’s reaction!

Today, Mojo is happy and healthy at three years old, and even though his coat never fully returned, he still loves cuddling up to the furry friends in his forever home.

Thanks to Joey’s quick thinking and compassion, Mojo’s story has a beautiful, heartwarming ending!
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