On June 10, 2014, a volunteer group of dog groomers visited an animal shelter in the greater Tokyo Area. They had been called in to help a large breed dog who had been abandoned by his owner and rescued from the streets. They were speechless when they saw the state of this dog.

His fur was so overgrown, it was impossible to see the contours of his face and body. His disheveled and dirty coat had turned into dreadlocks around his body and hind legs, rough like a stiff carpet. No one knew how long he had been in this condition. It could have been months, possibly years. It was hard to believe that he was actually a standard poodle.

He had clearly been neglected by his owner before being abandoned by him.

The dog was initially restless when he was taken outdoors, but then he nuzzled up to everyone, curiously checking their scents. Although he had been mistreated and abandoned, this hadn't affected his good-natured and friendly temperament. Everyone wanted to help him.

And so the grooming began. Using an electric shaver, they began by carving off the fur around his face, carefully digging into the mass and searching for the root of the hair.

When the grooming team removed a large lump of hair in the shape of a ball, the dog's tiny neck was revealed.

Next, they worked on the thick mass wrapped around his his torso and lower body. The matted hair was so think they quickly gave up with the shaver, and instead grabbed a pair of gardening clippers used for tree branches. The heavy, thick coat was slowly and carefully cut away.

The groomers struggled but they worked steadily, showering off the grit and dust that stirred up with every cut.

And this is the dog after his makeover:

He enjoys his new, light body, and can’t seem to stop jumping. The dog was later named Ginta (meaning “silver boy” in Japanese) after his coat color. It so wonderful to see him freed from all that weight he was carrying around.

Ginta had to endure months of neglect and misery, abandoned by an owner who didn't live up to the responsibility of taking care of the life that had been entrusted to him. Making a pet pay the price of an owner’s ignorance and irresponsibility is simply unacceptable and unforgivable. But sadly, too many still ignore the fact that dogs are living creatures that also feel pain. We hope that Ginta found the loving family he deserves!



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