From drugs and alcohol to underage sex, teenagers often engage in risky behavior, despite the warnings from the adults in their lives. One 17-year-old didn’t think that he was in danger, but he never could have expected how things were going to turn out.
What happened to this young man is nothing short of tragic.

While eating dinner with his family, 17-year-old Mexico City resident Julio Macias Gonzalez began to have uncontrollable convulsions. By the time the ambulance arrived, it was too late, and Julio died. It appears that this was the result of a hickey that his 24-year-old girlfriend gave him.
It seems that a blood clot created by the suction of the love bite traveled to Julio’s brain, giving him a stroke. Julio’s parents blame his girlfriend for his death, and it doesn’t help that she has disappeared since the incident.
Hickeys, sometimes called love bites, are formed when somebody sucks on a small part of the skin of another person, bruising the skin from the bursting blood vessels. They rarely last more than a week or two, and are generally quite innocuous, but it’s possible that Julian’s girlfriend gave him a love bite over a major artery.
Strange as it may seem, this isn’t the first time that somebody got a stroke from a hickey, as that’s exactly what happened to 44-year-old New Zealand woman in 2011, who was left partially paralyzed afterwards. While it’s tragic that Julio died from such a freak accident, there’s no reason to believe that his girlfriend meant for this to happen!
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