When it comes down to preserving the freedom of our country, we don’t just have our men and women in uniform to thank. They are aided by military dogs, too. Without the pooches, many of them would not be alive today. We know that dogs are smart creatures with keen senses, and can therefore detect some threats before humans can.
Taylor was one of these hero military dogs. She served her whole life, and has saved the lives of countless soldiers. She was even wanted by the enemy because of her amazing abilities.
During the time of her service, she developed a close bond to one soldier in particular, Sergeant Tom Hansen. He protected her from fire fights while she alerted him of the IEDs under his feet. Together, they seemed to make an unstoppable team.
Hansen retired from the military, and both returned home but were forced to go their separate ways. Taylor was left in a military kennel — until a woman named Molli Oliver came along.
Oliver helps return these military dogs with the veterans they served with, and she does so on her own dime. Her efforts have been rewarding, but wait until you see the moment Taylor and Hansen are brought together again — it’s simply priceless.
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