Best friends Mr. Qian and Mr. Wei decided to split the dowry money and marry the same woman, a 43-year-old woman surnamed Wen.
Qian, 47, was 8 years older than Wei, and was less appealing to Wen. Wen obviously preferred the younger Mr. Wei, and she spent more time with the latter. Enraged, Qian decided to end things in a gruesome way. He killed Wen in the home the three of them shared together—and offered Wei a mere $80 to help him dispose of their wife’s body.
Both men cut Wen’s legs off and put them in a trash bag. They dissected her, took out her innards and put them in another trash bag, which they later threw in a lake. The remains of their wife was kept in a gym bag and hid under their bed.
The following day, a few visitors came to their home. And what do they use to cut the food they serve?—the same cleaver they used to cut their wife up!



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