Battling a life-threatening medical condition can be stressful for a person’s body, but it can also wreak havoc on their mind. Many people need to travel great distances to get the care they need, adding time and money to their list of worries. For one young girl, a transportation nightmare turned what should have been a routine trip into a terrifying situation.
19-year-old Hannah Cohen was traveling from Memphis to Chattanooga after receiving care for a brain tumor at a local hospital. She had been fighting cancer for some time, and after her final treatment, she was finally headed home. But she was still partially deaf, partially paralyzed, and blind in one eye, and her condition left her easily confused.
While going through airport security, Hannah accidentally set off an alarm. When the TSA agents began searching her, she became disoriented and upset, so the officers slammed her to the ground. 

Her mother tried to explain the situation, but Hannah was still arrested and spent the night in jail in an unfamiliar city.


The charges were later dropped, but the Cohens are suing the airport and the TSA for medical expenses, pain, and public embarrassment. 

What a horrific thing to go through! I hope the agents involved in this incident take this as a lesson in patience and compassion, and that Hannah and her family get the peace and justice they deserve.
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