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It’s very sad

#1 Barry Delaney

Barry Delaney got people’s attention when he wore a bright neon dress to Kevin Elliott’s funeral. Elliott was killed in Afghanistan during a Taliban ambush.


#2 Keeping A Promise

Elliott had made Delaney promise that if he were killed in Afghanistan that Delaney would wear a bright pink dress with green polka dots to his funeral.

#3 He Wore The Dress

Delaney couldn’t find a dress that perfectly matched the promised description but wore a neon dress instead with pink knee socks.

#4 Delaney Honors Elliott

Delaney says that Elliott was a “livewire” and always wanted to put a smile on people’s faces. Delaney hoped that his loud outfit would help people remember what kind of person Elliott was.

#5 Proud

Delaney’s outfit sure would make Elliott proud.


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