They are only tiny insects , but they kill more people and spread more diseases than any other animal on Earth . Especially in tropical countries, they are a huge nuisance. Of course, it comes to mosquitoes . Everyone knows the pests , but why are they so effective in the hunt ? 

Their secret is a sophisticated tool with which they suck the blood of their prey . In this video, people can stand on purpose , you will be amazed at how clever nature these animals has provided :

Truly fascinating , like the trunk of mosquitoes works :

  • Two small needles with teeth to open the skin
  • Two small needles to the skin to stop while they suck
  • A sharp hose to suck the blood out
  • to allow a hose to pump saliva into the skin and the blood flow ( as diseases such as malaria are transmitted . At the same time there arises the itching ) .

It's really impressive how sophisticated this system ! Mother Nature is and remains unbeatable.



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