How long did you live with your parents? Were you one of those kids that left the minute they turned 18? Or did you possibly overstay your welcome and move out years after you legally became an adult?
Some parents make their houses so wonderful for their children, it’s no surprise kids don’t ever want to leave! Like these parents who built an incredible playhouse for their children, I’m sure those kids will still want to play it in when they’re adults.
But then there are some parents who are ready for their kids to move out once they’ve finished high school. Maybe they will sit their children down and help them plan how they’re going to move out. Or, if they’re like the parents in this Ikea commercial, they will scare their child into moving out.
The commercial starts out safe enough, with mom coming home. But when she goes to hang her jacket up, you know something is instantly not normal. She’s in sexy lingerie! Where on Earth was she in that getup? That isn’t even the strangest part! She grabs a pitchfork and starts whistling like she’s calling an animal.
That’s when dad pops up, in just his underwear and a pig mask! Mom hilariously chases him around the living room, but the funniest moment happens when someone walks in on them. Their daughter comes home early, with her boyfriend in tow! They’re stunned faces had me in tears. Could you imagine walking in on your parents doing this? We’re not 100% sure what the caption says, but we’re pretty sure it says “it’s time to move out of your parents house.”
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