A culture’s most defining characteristic is its food, and every region has its own delicacies that outsiders might find strange. Some foods, however, seem so unappealing not because of a cultural divide…they seem that way because they’re just plain gross.

These 29 dishes from all over the world are some of the most unusual foods around, and they will definitely blow your mind…and turn your stomach.
1. Whole chicken in a can

Tastes just as good as a fresh bird, right? While you’re at it…
2. Cheeseburger in a can

Who wants to waste time grilling when you can just grab a can opener?
3. Squeeze bacon

If you love the flavor of bacon but hate that satisfying crunch, this product might be for you.
4. Potted meat
Yeah…I’m pretty sure this is just dog food.

5. Canned fish mouths

Why do they have such big teeth???
6. Pork brains

On the plus side, with that much sodium, you’ll be dead before you even feel a thing.
7. Dancing octopus

Why don’t you call me when it’s actually dead?
8. Canned brown bread

Now I’m just confused…

9. Casu marzu

This doesn’t look so bad…until you realize that it’s also known as “maggot cheese.”

10. Dancing frog legs. 

Nope nope nope.
11. Deep-fried spiders

In Cambodia, these fried tarantulas are considered a delicacy.
12. Balut

This “snack” is a half-fertilized duck or chicken egg boiled and served with salt, and you can find it at markets and streets of Laos, the Philippines, and Cambodia.
13. Snake & scorpion wine
The Skrilla

This liquor is found mostly in Asia, and it’s made by dipping a cobra or scorpion into a bottle of rice wine and letting it ferment for several months.
14. Cobra heart
Marc Zawel

Make that a live cobra heart, either eaten raw or consumed with some rice wine.
15. Birds’ nest soup
Way Wen

That bubbling liquid base is actually the birds’ saliva, and this soup is one of the most expensive dishes consumed by humans because of how difficult it is to acquire.

16. Baby mice wine
Ray William Johnson

To make this traditional Chinese and Korean, newborn mice are thrown into bottles of rice wine while still alive and left there to ferment. It’s considered a “health tonic,” which is ironic, because suddenly I feel sick…
17. Kopi Luwak
TripWow / Woodlands Woman

This Indonesian coffee is the rarest and most expensive in the world, but what it’s actually made of? The excrements of a cat-like creature called a Luwak.
18. Tuna eyeball

This dish is served in Japan and China, and apparently it tastes better than it looks. (Which isn’t saying much…)
19. Rocky mountain oysters
Weird Existence

If you’re wondering what the big deal is, you should know that these aren’t your average oysters: they’re really buffalo testicles.
20. Fugu
Life of a Lil Notti Monkey

This puffer fish is so highly poisonous that only the most trained chefs in the world are allowed to prepare it. The reason? If it’s not prepared correctly, it’s deadly for the person brave enough to eat it.
21. Insects

Believe it or not, insects are common in most of the world except for Europe and North America. When fried, they make a crispy snack full of protein!
22. Escamoles
Alice Lee

These ant eggs taste nutty and buttery, but they’re not easy to come by: the giant black ants that lay them are highly venomous.

23. Mongolian boodog
Chris Kaplonski

For this dish, the entire animal (usually a goat or a marmot) is cooked from the inside out, meaning it literally bakes inside its own skin.
24. Whole sheep’s head
The Globe on my Plate

Don’t worry if you’re squeamish: this Mediterranean delicacy can be served with or without the brains.
25. Bat soup
Katie Arnoldi

Bat soups are found mainly in Thailand and Guam…even though bats are known carriers of disease. Seems like a great idea.
26. Ox penis

This versatile dish has lots of serving options: you can eat it steamed, deep fried, or even raw.
27. Caterpillar fungus
This Is Gonna Be Good

This parasite invades the caterpillar’s body, eventually killing and mummifying it. In addition to being served in this soup, the fungus is also used as medicine or an aphrodisiac. (Well, obviously.)
28. Human placenta

Eating human placenta is actually quite common all over the world, and some say that it prevents postpartum depression and other pregnancy complications.
29. Kumis

This drink of fermented mare milk has a mild alcohol content…and a strong laxative effect. I’m not sure that’s a very even trade.
What do you think: would you be brave enough to try any of these nauseating dishes?


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