For most people, mirrors are an essential part of daily life, but when you take a moment to think about them, they’re actually pretty creepy. There’s something downright otherworldly about an object that allows you to see a perfect reflection of yourself, mimicking everything that you do…even when you’re not looking.

The following pictures prove that mirrors may take on a life of their own when we’re not paying attention, in the scariest possible way. If I didn’t have spectrophobia, or the fear of mirrors, before – I definitely do now!

1. Whatever you do, don’t turn around!
TC Universe

2. Have you ever seen anything so happy and creepy at the same time?
Our Sogo

3. I’d be hiding under those covers if I were her.
Nova Ian

4. OMG.
4 BP

5. Don’t see anything wrong with this picture? Look to the right…
Link Da Pazzi

6. Get away from that mirror!
Keep Busy

7. That is horrifying.
Story Pick

8. I didn’t know that mirror ghosts took selfies.

9. I really hope that’s just trick photography.
Static Flickr

10. What’s creepier than a ghost? A crying, little girl ghost.

11. This might be the worst one.

It’s even scarier in action.
Danilo Rodrigues / Youtube

12. “Um…we didn’t invite Grandma over for dinner, did we?”

Are these people looking in the mirror…or a gateway to another dimension!?

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