German scientists have proved that there is indeed life after death. The team of psychologists and medical doctors have the evidence of clinical experimentation to prove the existence of life after death. The study was a new type of medically supervised near-death experiences where the patients are clinically dead for almost 20 minutes before they are brought back to life.
The study was conducted on 944 volunteers over a period of 4 years. The mixture of drugs including epinephrine and dimethyltryptamine were used to allow the body to survive the state of clinical death. Then the body was put into a temporary comatic state induced by other drugs that was filtered by ozone from his blood during the reanimation process 18 minutes later.
A machine called AutoPulse is developed for the long duration of the experience and this machine has been used over the last few years to reanimate people who had been dead for somewhere between 40 minutes to an hour.
Mr Ackermann, who led the operation said ““I know our results could disturb the beliefs of many peopleBut in a way, we have just answered one of the greatest questions in the history of mankind, so I hope these people will be able to forgive us. Yes, there is life after death and it looks like this applies to everyone.”


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