It's an excruciating moment for this tiny kitten from Nebraska, USA. The poor little kitten has a really swollen nose and the vet, Dr. Farrington, has to extract a parasite from it. It's hard to believe what they find in its nose. Warning - this is not for the faint-hearted:
Cuterebra larva was removed from the kitten's nose. This is caused by a fly called Cuterebra, with the parasite infesting small mammals that spend time outdoors. The larva must have entered the body through an open wound of the kitten. The eggs then attach themselves and hatch in response to the host’s body heat. Fortunately, this bug was removed just in time, before it could do any further harm. As this picture shows, the kitten is expected to make a full recovery:

Twitter/Nebraska Humane
The sweet kitten can breathe easy once again after a most grueling and unpleasant operation. 


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