Pit bulls are indeed a breed that divides people into two completely opposite camps. Either they are considered the sweetest dogs in the world, or else are considered the most vicious. There are extremes of both and a lot has to do with the owner, upbringing and training.
There’s a pit bull named Brinks that is truly unique, and there’s no way you cannot put him smack in the center of the sweetie pie camp. Just look at this smile!

He was a stray on the streets of Brooklyn, and one day he ran into Jon and his dog, Demo. They all seemed to like each other. Jon took Brinks in until the owner could be found. It would be a month worth of making flyers and searching lost dog listings, before reality would set in. Brinks was now Jons.
That was 11 years ago and this cutie pie has been smiling like this since day one! His followers are at around 21,000 on Instagram and you can see why.
Brinks destroys the “Pit bulls look scary” belief.
Amazing smile!
Jon found him wandering by himself in Brooklyn. He immediately took him in.
After a month of trying to find his owner, Jon realized he would be Brinks new owner.
Jon adapted him. He’s now 12-years-old and he is still smiling!
“The most amazing thing is how Brinks grins like a human frequently in response to situations he enjoys,” Jon said
“He smiles for treats, he smiles when you greet him in the morning and when he’s sleeping”
“He grins when he rides in the car, when he lies in the sun (or in front of the fire) and whenever he generally seems happy”


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