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It was meant to be a special day, a day to remember. Unfortunately, a young boy named Eli Malone will remember what should have been a joyous birthday celebration as the day he lost his best friend, a dog named Opie.

On Tuesday, Eli, his friends, and his mom were celebrating his birthday when police showed up at the house. Reportedly, the cops were there to serve a warrant to a man who had lived in the house ten years prior – regardless of the fact that they knew the Malones had lived there for the past year. Before they approached the house (and never issued a warrant), a heartbreaking incident took place.

The kids had just gone in the house to receive ice cream when they heard a shot being fired outside. Eli looked out the window and told his mom,

“Mama, something’s wrong with Opie.”

Then, two more gunshots from a high-powered rifle were fired.
When Vickie Malone was questioned by Fox25 News, she said:

“He (Opie) was over here kicking and gasping for 


When Malone confronted the officer, she was told that the dog had lunged at him through the fence. The town’s chief of police, Ken Moore, told a similar story, saying that the 3-year-old pit bull mix had shown signs of aggression and charged the officer. However, the chief of police hadn’t seen the footage of the aftermath which  shows the dog lying dead with a gunshot wound to the head inside the fence – at a safe distance from the cop.


Despite the incongruence of facts, Moore maintains that the shooting was justifiable.

“We have a right to defend ourselves so I stand by my officer in the decision that he made,” Moore told News 9.

To Eli, the shooting of his dog is incomprehensible. He explained to the press that Opie was his best friend, and that “I would have fun with him when he runned around and we played tag.” 

His mother’s opinion of police seems to have changed in result of the incident. She stated:

I respect what the police do, but this was senseless, but he didn’t show any remorse and didn’t even act like he was sorry or anything.”

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