Doctor Sandra Lee is best known for her online nickname Dr. Pimple Popper, as her job requires her to… well, pop a lot of things.
Luckily for the weird people of the internet she gets to record some of these interactions and the latest is probably the most disgusting popping video I’ve ever seen in my life! The patient in the recording had was a woman who developed a lipoma on her back, which is basically a giant lump of fatty tissue between the muscle and the skin. The lump that particular woman developed was incredibly large and probably quite painful, so a surgical removal was the only option. Trust me when I warn you here, you don’t want to watch this one while you’re eating.
Warning: Do NOT watch if you are squeamish.

Luckily for the patient they were able to get it all removed and cleaned up nicely, that’s got to feel like heaven compared to what she was dealing with. Even luckier still is Dr Pimple Popper, because there’s no way this shouldn’t go down in some record books!



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