he half kilo chicken that was bought in the super market was washed 3 times. Then while it’s still soaking in the water, there’s this device with little clear hose attached to it that releases oxygen that has put into the basin with chicken and water. While the seminar is ongoing, the chicken goes through oxygenation process. After the seminar, we saw that after the oxygenation process, the hormones, anti-flu vaccines, steroids injected in chicken came up….. That’s not bubbles or fats. We’re not selling any device for oxygenation process. This is merely information for public awareness that we may eat a lot but not everything that we put in our mouth is healthy.—this is the message Facebook user Lorelyn Castro Icalla wants the public to know.
In a recent seminar, this group of people showed what happens to the chicken meat once you oxygenate it. According to them, all the “things” injected to the chicken will come out and the chicken will be fully organic. The steroids, vaccines, and hormones will supposedly come out, leaving the chicken clean and ready to eat. To their surprise, a sticky, gooey, bubbly mixture came out. It was a semi-solid. Bubbly substance that was obviously not good for the health.
Their sole purpose for sharing the video was to make the public aware of what they eat and buy from the supermarket. If some of you are thinking that buying from the supermarket is the safest way to eat clean, think again.
Some netizens are confused and skeptical though, because the video was only ‘part’ of the experiment. The people involved in the ‘experiment’ are assuring the public that they will release the 2nd part of the video soon. In the meantime, let us all keep healthy and watch the food we eat, where we buy them, and how they are produced.


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