Mel Watts is a blogger from Australia and recently became a mom of two. On her popular Facebook page she keeps it real when it comes to motherhood. She shared a selfie that shows the honest version of what a post-baby body looks like, but the words that accompanied the photo are encouraging new moms everywhere.
Facebook/Love What Matters
"9 months out of the womb. In the last 9 months I have never slept so little in my life. In the last nine months I have suffered my worst anxiety I have ever experienced. Having a new baby is exhausting and life just doesn't stop. The bills still need to be paid, groceries still need to be purchased and the pressure you put on yourself is overwhelming. We expect ourselves to know what we're doing all the time. It doesn't matter if it's your first or if it's your third you're still learning daily. The first 9 months of your babies life is filled with guessing, rocking, smiling and crying. The amount of pressure we put on ourselves isn't fair. We aren't invincible. We're humans and we're mothers. It's okay to have days that you don't feel good enough. It's okay to feel like you have no idea what day it is. You've got this. We've got this. Some women seem to have it all. Well so we think. Some women don't. I don't. I didn't have the motivation to even get dressed for the first 9 months let alone get my pre baby body back. And that's ok. If you do have the motivation good on you! Life challenges us daily. We are given new obstacles every single day. There's always tomorrow!"
Wise words for moms to live by!



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