“Maternal instinct is natural miracle.” That’s Babi Mild’s slogan, and it’s absolutely true. Babi Mild is an international baby product company that seeks to provide care for infants, and empower mothers all around the world. This Babi Mild commercial is doing exactly that for all the moms on the internet. When the commercial begins, you know something is wrong. Two twins lie next to each other in a hospital bed, until one of them stops moving.

The room goes completely silent, because both dad and doctor know that not much can be done. But that doesn’t stop mom. She gently picks up her newborn, whispering words of encouragement, “Are you sleeping? Wake up, wake up, my little one.” Mom’s tears drops onto his little shoulder and he feels the warmth of her body, and the heartbeat from her chest.
Next comes a shocking surprise – It only takes a miracle. Mothers can identify that the greatest miracle is the lives of our children. Watch as this touching ad, that has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, reveals how a newborn responds to the life-giving care of his mom.
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