Every once in a while, we see an animal doing something that suggests that they have a sense of humor. This 8 second clip of a bear’s response to a woman waving from her car window is exactly that! Pure gold.
It’s important to note that although bears look cute and cuddly, bear attacks do happen from time to time. It’s certainly not at epidemic level, but it pays to be cautious when around wild animals. In 2015, there were three instances of bear attacks in Yellowstone. If you’re going hiking or to a wildlife park, experts recommend that the moment you arrive at the park, find out about recent bear activity at a visitor center or backcountry office.
There’s definitely some interesting bear activity in this clip. This bear seemed to have no thought of attacking the humans who just happened to be passing through his territory. Actually, the 300-lb animal appeared to be welcoming them! Watch the clip and you’ll see what I mean…
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