The Chinese are extremely famous for their advanced technology healthy food and cheaper products. These products are generally cheap so the demand of them is too high. One can expect the products to be fake in most the cases to meet the demand of cheap prices. Most of the products that can be easily adulterated are the food products. This article focuses on mentioning the 4 food products that belong from the Chinese market and are very much fake and harmful.
List of 4 food products that are extremely adulterated:
Fake green peas: the fake green peas were one of the most harmful of all. These were made with the help of the soya beans and the snow peas and then were adulterated with the green colour and sodium meta bisulphite colour.
Pork to meat: in many of the places people were sold pork in name of the meat. It was done so that the cost wouldn’t affect much. Also some chemical were applied on it making them cancerous by nature.
Walnuts with concretes: These walnuts was discovered by a man who broke open a walnut to find them loaded with the concrete wrapped in piece of papers. This was done so that more prices could be incurred out of them.
Fake eggs: fake eggs are found in China a lot. These are generally made of the chemicals like gelatine, alginic acid, calcium chloride etc. Diseases like dementia can be caused on eating them.


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