The picture of happiness and joy is Disneyland. But with this latest footage, it appears as Disneyland is not all that. Now it’s being seen more as a massive haunted house!
This quiet and quaint little walkway, shows the presence of an extremely spooky character!
It’s pretty creepy and you might want to watch it twice just to verify what indeed you are seeing.
The camera will zoom in to see exactly what the image appears to be, and you will be spooked out! Very trippy!
Very strange as clearly you see a ghost figure taking a stroll through the park. A number of cameras in the park captures this image. It appears as if a ghost is just walking around and even at one point walking through people!
It then goes right through the gates as well. Apparently this place is indeed a haven for supernatural activity. Guests even have said there were ghosts on the ride!
Could it be because of the trend where some people have been bringing the ashes of their loved ones to the park and have been dumping them there?

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