Now that the competition is really heating up over in the America’s Got Talent studio, contestants know it’s time to really bring their A-game to the stage.
With the audition process over, the lucky acts who’ve made it this far have a new guest judge to impress each week. Before funnyman George Lopez took the seat between Heidi Klum and Mel B, country music icon Reba McEntire sent the shockingly talented 14-year-old contortionist, Sofie Dossi, straight to the final round with the press of her Golden Buzzer. While the two female judges along with Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel have already made the confetti fall for four different acts during their auditions, hopefuls still have a chance with each rotating guest.
Brian Justin Crum previously stunned the audience with his cover of “Somebody to Love,” one of the many famous anthemic tunes by Queen. As tricky as stepping into Freddie Mercury’s lofty shoes was, I can’t help but feel even more impressed by this rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep.” As the alternative band’s arguably most famous tune, its emotional lyrics seem to touch every nerve.
As the singer starts the slow ballad, you can instantly see how moved the judges are — especially the usually zany Mandel, whose flabbergasted face really says it all. Crum builds up the momentum as he continues to croon, eventually reaching an unbelievable crescendo at the song’s chorus. Though he didn’t earn the coveted buzzer that night, there is no doubt that Crum left everyone with chills.
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